ɫֿ looks toward its third century with both pride and a sense of possibility.

The Third-Century Plan represents the largest and most important transformation in the history of ɫֿ. It will both complete our physical campus and fully realize our potential to become one of the great institutions in the nation — and, perhaps, one of the most important undergraduate colleges in the country.

Key Initiatives

In May 2019, the ɫֿ Board of Trustees, faculty, and Alumni Council approved and endorsed theThird-Century Plan, a comprehensive plan that seeks to pursue ɫֿ’s mission at its highest level and establish ɫֿ as one of the very finest undergraduate institutions in the nation.

TheThird-Century Planis continually monitored by the Board, administration, and faculty to measure progress against its goals and to show effort applied in service of its initiatives.

The plan includes several sub-plans, including:

Staff Initiatives

As ɫֿ refines its vision and planning for its third century, a recognition of the central role played by staff in moving the University forward led to the creation of the Staff Initiatives Group (SIG) in the summer of 2019. The group was charged to engage with staff across the University and to develop recommendations for Cabinet to support and enhance the working lives of staff members.